Rob Aries may be contacted at:

Telephone (USA): 914-937-3915
E-Mail: This gets a little more complicated. To avoid having this e-mail address "harvested" by junk e-mail "spam-bot" programs, I will not give you the usual "mail-to" link which would look like [username] (Don't bother using this link by the way, as it is just a trap for spam-bots.) Instead, I will tell you how to enter Rob's e-mail address manually:
Enter "robaries" (without the quotes) before the "at" sign, and after the sign enter the address of his ISP, "". (As far as I know, most "spam-bots" are not smart enough to parse the previous sentence.)
If you wonder at my concern over unsolicited junk e-mail, I recommend you check out the CAUCE (Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail) web site. As you will learn, "spam" costs us much more than just the annoyance of unwanted messages in our e-mail boxes.

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